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Frutta e Legumi






We are a group of producers and professionals in Food

We work in the wine for 12 years, we winemakers and Sommelier and olio extra vergine test.

We have in our group, about  10 selected companies that have quality price, and a great product.

The venue is the nsota in Romania where, but the products and homes in Italy Investments made by our Offices are enormous and include: land, facilities, and offices, all operating with the Bank “ BT Banca Transilvania”, which promotes and supports our company which today it's solid and has no debts, and at the end of every fiscal year has an active closure.  

The company's headquarters is in Romania, which is the latest Country to have entered in the European Community, therefore it will have various concessions and financial aid for development till 2013. The Company is also present in Ukraine with an Office that collaborates with partners in Italy, in Europe and Asia, it was selected for the best Company, both in availability and quality.

Albastrada is a fairly new company, born over the last few years, but it has already gained all   necessary information’s, with previous companies, in order to develop a variety of projects even the most complex ones, giving assurance, reliability and continuity, with the help of our partners, workers and technicians in place and  in such a way as to ensure continuity of assistance  Everything is done in an all inclusive package in every sector, consequently the customer has nothing to worry about for the realization of his projects.

To put your trust on our Company you will be investing in saving your time and worries, we’ll take over your everyday jobs in the most straightforward manner, and meet all of your requirements in the best possible way.